ah banin its always so good to read your mails.... u'r a voce of reason. i also got myself in jobs up to my ears... i started doing some moving, a little money and also some options for bigger work if i'll do decide to come back here. i think u c life with clarity which belongs to "yehidey sgula", your analizing abilities r amazing, reading and finding the "extra" lines in between the obvious . i cant wait talking with u. we have been through so much the last year. it seems like a twirl of events and changes, a big river we were thrown into. the way i c it, u'r an island in the stream, i'm looking to climb on, rest a little bit, interpret and discuss this flood of life. organize my thoughts and share experiences, ideas and dreams. there r people who degrade u or u degrade yourself with them. and there r the few people who enrich u. conversations with them, discussions, arguments with them, bring more out of u. u and me together always seemed to me, like the hurricane from "erez uz" (the magician from land of oz), our minds combine to make the storm, twirling and spinning up and up, and i'm ,like Dorothy, carried up, able to c new things, c farther away, c from different angles. dialog with u, always feels like the ignition of a race car. spark, spark, vooom voooom, clutch, vooooom, 2 vooooooooom, 3 voooooooooooom, 4 voooooooooooooooom, full speed!!!!!!!!!!!! u know, u push me further, nearer to the limits. to me, every thought is amazing, the whole process, especially, new, original "tovanot" which i feel r either unique or smart. i have to say i amaze myself every day. i'm not saying it out of arrogance. it doesn't take too much. just realizing i just thought of something new for me, that i thought about it, shocks me. and off course i'm amazed by it if its not me. the hole idea of original thoughts fascinates me. that's why i'm so tempted to think so much about everything, from another angle, i like discovering ideas, it always takes me of the main road, the main idea, issue. like now... i guess that's one of the bigger things i like about talking with u , u make me explode. and the craziest thing to me, is seeing u. u dig deep into things, its very different from me, and i'm amazed by it, again and again, (wow i think i'm getting to some heavy stuff here, u have to tell me if i'm only stoned and this is all a pile of bullshit), i feel i'm not expressing myself fully, with the English and the writing. u seem to give so much serious thought, penetrate deep, remember your last remarks. u'r talking after thought. as i said an island, observer. u have one of the biggest abilities, not letting yourself be carried away by misleads. off course not all the time, and not always, but in the big picture... all right i'll finish, this is the j talking out of my mouth. miss u soon neta